Pergolas or arbors should be staples in any sunny area. They have been providing shades for passageways, walkways, and sitting areas since the earliest times of serious architecture. But today, pergolas and gazebos play an important role in outdoor landscaping design. Just take a look at our collection of pergolas installed in North Palm Beach, Juno Beach, Highland Beach, Singer Island, Boca Raton, and other Florida areas. These Florida homes will never be as welcoming and as beautiful without these pergolas.

What exactly is a Pergola?

Pergola, also known as arbor, is different from gazebos because it seems like a skeleton of a mini bungalow. It has no wall or roof. It only has posts and joints. This architecture may seem strange due to its seeming imperfection. But it offers a lot of benefits. Since there is no wall or roof, the breeze can easily travel around, providing everyone with cool relief under a hot, sunny day. Although sunny, the hot days in Florida will always be bearable with the shades from the wood construction.

Even better, pergolas are perfect for taming a vertical garden. Bougainvillea and other flowery vines will love the wooden skeleton. Just wait and see as the plants provide natural and lovely roof for the outdoor living area.

Beautiful and Durable Pergolas

Despite the popularity of synthetic materials, still nothing beats wood as the best material for building arbors. Choose the best wood and the pergola will outlast your lifetime. That’s how durable they can be. Plus, you can never deny the classic and elegant appeal that the wooden pergola can provide. It will look perfect in the garden, or even in any outdoor area.

Although pine wood can be used for building pergolas, we do not recommend it. Pines need special treatment to withstand weather extremities. Yet, even with the best treatment, pines can never be as durable as cedar, redwood or other better-quality woods. This is the reason why we highly recommend using the best quality of wood especially if you want both quality and beauty in one.

Hottest Pergola Design Ideas

Again, we encourage you to look at our portfolio where pergolas built for various homes in Atlantis, Palm Beach Gardens, Palm Beach Shores, Lake Worth, Lantana, and other Florida areas are featured. These are enough to give you some brilliant ideas for your very own pergola.

If possible, build the arbors in the middle of a beautiful garden so everyone can appreciate the beauty made possible by your hard work and green thumb. However, some of our clients do not have enough space no matter how eager they are to have pergolas. That’s no problem because we can build the beautiful addition right from the side of your home.

A Superior Pavers has been transforming homes into elegant social gathering areas by adding paver flooring and retaining walls. We are licensed and insured to do all these. Plus, we are skilled and trained well to add lighting, furniture, water features, and other elements that will complete and complement the pergolas in your Florida home. If you also need gazebos, just contact us and we can start discussing about your best options.

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