Putting Greens/Artificial Turf

At last, no more lawn-related worries in the Sunshine State. Thanks to artificial turfs. Yes, the synthetic alternative to the natural lawn is the best choice for residents in Hope Sound, Stuart, Jensen Beach, Hutchinson Island, Palm City, and other cities of Florida. These synthetic turfs were initially used for sports field. But they are simply too good to miss for residential application.

Artificial Turf in Sports Field

The trend now is to use as little lawn as possible or better yet, use a synthetic turf. The artificial grass was actually invented to make indoor gaming possible. Baseball, American football, and field hockey are just some of the few sports that have been using this. But for hobbyist like golfers, the use of synthetic turfs in home putting greens is also becoming a trend.

There are great reasons why heavy-duty stadiums used artificial turf instead of the natural lawn. All these benefits are also applicable for homeowners especially today that the product has been developed into a better material. Problems encountered back in 1960s are most probably eliminated by now. We can tell. The material is speedily taking every residential outdoor by storm.

Easier Life with Artificial Turf

Most homeowners are unaware about the tedious and expensive maintenance of having a natural lawn. Mowing is perhaps the most common chore. But most of the time, this is done incorrectly. With synthetic turf, it doesn’t matter whether you know how to properly mow or not because it will never grow and will keep its current length forever. A bit of trimming may be necessary to achieve the standard for putting greens, but you will only do it once.

Synthetic turf is practically a set-and-forget option to lawn, making it the perfect choice for older people and homeowners who can never commit two to three hours per week of work.

Go Green with Artificial Putting Greens

Being the Sunshine State is a pride of every Floridian. But since temperature is higher here, expect water to quickly evaporate too. We need to conserve water. But how can you do that if the lawn needs gallons and gallons of water every week? Conserving water will never be a problem with the synthetic turf because they simply don’t need water. Even if you have a large putting green in your home, you will never worry of additional cost on water utility.

Artificial lawns will never need any hazardous elements like pesticides, saving the planet and your family from potential danger.

Special Uses for Synthetic Turf

There’s no limit as to where artificial turf can be used. As a rule of thumb, it can be applied to any outdoor area in your home. Use it around the pool and don’t worry about the muddy splash backs. Use an artificial turf for putting greens without worrying about the “heavy” burden from a bed of soil.

Hiring experienced, skilled, and creative professionals will never be your burden especially if they are licensed and insured like us. A Superior Pavers is among the few companies in Florida that specialize in adding putting greens and artificial turf to residential or commercial areas. Just give us a call today.

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