A natural stone from the limestone family, travertine is known for its durability and aesthetic appeal. Most people have used it during the olden times for construction and as a building material. However, sealing it before use in construction or renovation projects is a must to achieve the durability it boasts since travertines is a porous material. That is the reason why, travertine should and must be installed by qualified and expert professionals.

The Many Uses of Travertine

Often times, travertine is used as floorings and counter tops. Others use it as shower floorings, and tub surroundings. There are also travertine pavers that are commonly used in pool decking, patio floorings and driveways just to name a few. There are those who use it as wall coverings and cladding on buildings.

Travertine may come in four major finished surfaces namely: polished, honed or matte, brushed and tumbled. Depending on the finish you use and require, travertine may look shiny as you want it to be or just be contented with its natural surface. Because travertine is a natural stone, no two pieces are the same.

Travertine Maintenance

A lot of people choose natural stones simply because it could withstand extreme weather conditions and other outdoor elements. However, as in any other type of natural stone, travertine is susceptible to heat, scratching and staining.

As discussed, most homeowners prefer to use travertines as floorings and countertops. These are parts of the house that are susceptible to scratching and staining. But you don’t have to worry because proper travertine care will reduce your maintenance cost. Remember that travertines and travertine pavers are known for its durability.

So how does one maintain the beauty of travertines? First and foremost, your travertine must be installed by a qualified, reliable and trustworthy professional. When commissioning the services of a qualified contractor, you are assured of quality workmanship and quality materials.

Always clean your travertine with cleaners that contain vinegar or citrus oils. Never use acid containing solutions. Never allow water to sit on your travertine for long periods of time as water affects the texture of this natural stone. If this material is used as kitchen counter tops, never use it as a chopping board and always use a hot pad or trivet. Following these simple tips can minimize the need for frequent repair and replacement.

Travertine and Travertine Pavers Installation in Florida Homes

If you already browsed our portfolio, you can see why we are confident in accepting new projects that require travertine pavers and travertine installation. We have been installing travertine pavers in many cities in Florida. Whether you are in Palm Beach, Juno Beach, Jensen Beach, Lake Worth, Tequesta, or in Hutchinson Island, A Superior Pavers can be your reliable travertine installer.

We are proud to hold certifications with the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute and thus you can be confident that you are dealing with qualified professional experts. Our satisfied clients can also attest to the quality of our works whether in simple home improvement to a more complex hardscaping projects including travertine installation.

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